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Randy G.

Meet Randy G., the man most known for the character Father McFullnelson, the priest who gets into a lot "sticky" situations. Now of course this isn't his only character. He Also plays Santa, multiple husbands, Elvis, and so much more. He is a great actor and a joy to work with here at You Got To Be Kidding Me Grand Rapids.

Randy is not just an actor for You Got To Be Kidding Me Grand Rapids, he is in many movies and commercials as well. He is a known for his acting, but would you guess that he is in a band? It is true... His band is called X-Pozure and he is awesome. Randy's band is best known for doing cover songs for some great classic rock bands... Wow this guy is one busy man!

When Randy isn't playing music or acting you can find him supporting his friends and being a comedian. Make sure to tune in and laugh at this funny guy.

Randy G.

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